Travel Clothing by Half Moon

Handmade cloaks, capes, coats and cowl hoods

Colorado Couture Outerwear

Cosplay | Renaissance Faires | Historical Reenactment | Wearable Art | Backcountry

Half Moon Travel Clothing was established nearly 40 years ago with a poncho designed by a traveler exploring the country on foot. We started at the Colorado Renaissance Faire and grew our line of capes, cloaks and coats, eventually gaining notoriety on the US renaissance festival circuit. People all over the world now recognize our handmade, utilitarian designs.

We strive to maintain our ethos of excellent workmanship and unique anachronistic garments while keeping up with modern sensibilities.

Our only brick and mortar shops are currently at the New York and Maryland Renaissance Festivals, and we are accepting limited online custom orders.

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Every Half Moon Product Sold Plants a Tree!

We partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation efforts around the world. As our small business is located in Colorado, which faces multiple challenges to its forests including beetle kill and wild fires, we try to focus our donations to this area when possible, but we also dedicate donations to forests all over North America. Every garment sold equals a tree planted—thank you!