Fitted Yoke Cloak


This popular layered cloak features an extra layer of warmth with a waist length fitted yoke. Features a secret pocket sewn on beneath the yoke.

Our cloaks are fitted at the shoulder, drape evenly at the bottom, and feature arm slits in the side panels of the cloaks for ease of movement, as well as a button/tab closure. The design keeps in your body heat in even the coldest weather, while the natural lanolin in the wool provides rain protection.

Fitted Yoke: fits closely on your shoulders draping elegantly to a point in the back. The front of the points are attached along the front trim.

Finished Lengths: 3/4 Cloak–43″ / Full Cloak–52″

Note: this is a one-piece garment.

See also Rectangular Yoke Cloaks.

  • We'll happily work with you to make your garment unique! Please specify if you'd like a different color combination than those offered, have special button/leather requests, or want to add a custom design (this may result in a different price than reflected here).

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