Half Moon began with our poncho design, fashioned from a blanket while traveling the country.

Extremely practical and affordable, our ponchos can double as blankets, ground cloths, sleeping bag covers, shelter pieces, rain capes—or whatever you can imagine. Keep one in your car for emergencies!

Available with our full size hood or with facing (a sewn-down collar).

We offer the poncho in two sizes, and can also customize the length for a 10% fee.

Regular (for those 5’5″ and up, 39″ length)

Small (for those 5’4″ and under, 29″ length)

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Small, Medium


Hood, Facing


Beige Linen, Black Fleece, Black Linen, Black Velour, Blue Fleece, Blue Velour, Brown Fleece, Green Fleece, Green Velour, Grey Fleece, Grey Linen, Purple Fleece, Purple Velour, Red Fleece, Red Velour, White Fleece, Black Wool, Brown Wool, Grey Wool, Maroon Wool, Navy Wool, LW Black Wool, Blue Wool, Yellow Wool, Heather Wool, Mint Wool, Red Wool, Pink Wool, Rust Wool, Tan Wool, White Wool

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For detailed sizing information, pictures of all of our fabric colors, our leather tab and button options, and hood tassels, please see our garments page.