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Single Layer Cape



The Single Layer cape is our basic and lightest cape (just the cape body itself with front trims and hood). All Half Moon capes are wide, loosely fitting garments designed to serve as the top outer layer over your other clothes.

The cape body is blanket shaped, so when draped over the head it is open on the sides.

Half Moon capes can be used as blankets, worn over cosplay/renaissance garb or everyday outerwear, and belted to create a tunic/coat. We have often seen that more than one person can fit inside of one, for sitting together on cold nights. Versatile, warm and long lasting, our capes are sure to serve you well for many years!

The Single Layer cape is available in two sizes, solid or two-tone colors, with our standard full size hood (shown in preview) or with facing (no hood). It features one tab/button closure.

SIZES—SMALL & REGULAR, both are 60″ wide.
Finished Lengths:
Custom Sizing available for a 10% fee.

For a slightly heavier style, see Open Front Capes. For many custom Single Layer Cape styles currently available, see our Etsy Shop.

Additional information


Small, Medium

Cape Style

Hood, Facing


Bone/Horn/Antler, Pewter, Tagua Nut, Wood, Coconut

Tab Style

Arrow, Crown, Fleur De Lis, Horn, Moon, Standard, Wing, Inlaid Arrow, Inlaid Crown, Inlaid Horn, Inlaid Moon


Beige Linen, Black Fleece, Black Linen, Black Velour, Blue Fleece, Blue Velour, Brown Fleece, Green Fleece, Green Velour, Grey Fleece, Grey Linen, Purple Fleece, Purple Velour, Red Fleece, Red Velour, White Fleece, Black Wool, Brown Wool, Grey Wool, Maroon Wool, Navy Wool, LW Black Wool, Blue Wool, Yellow Wool, Heather Wool, Mint Wool, Red Wool, Pink Wool, Rust Wool, Tan Wool, White Wool


Fleece, Linen, Velvet, Wool

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For detailed sizing information, pictures of all of our fabric colors, our leather tab and button options, and hood tassels, please see our garments page.