Kyrie Coat



Our Kyrie coat has front panels tapering to a point and a dramatic sweep in the back, evoking pirate and steampunk or Victorian styles.

It features one leather tab/button closure at the waist, and deep side pockets. The wide cuffs taper to a point near the elbow and are adorned with a leather triangle and buttons to match the waist closure.

The standard Kyrie collar can be flipped up to snuggle closer to the neck. Also available is a hooded version with a button closure (see gallery).

Available in solid or two-tone colors, many customizations available! See our Talon and Archer coats for other fitted styles.

Kyrie Sizing Guide (Note: all measurements here are of a finished coat, NOT body measurements)
Small: Women’s size 6-10
Waist when buttoned: 35″
Chest: 42″
Shoulder to Wrist: 22″
Length from neck to bottom back: 47″
Regular: Women’s size 10-14
Waist when buttoned: 38″
Chest: 46″
Shoulder to Wrist: 23″
Length from neck to bottom back: 50″
Large: Women’s size 14-18
Waist when buttoned: 41″
Chest: 52″
Shoulder to Wrist: 24″
Length from neck to bottom back: 55″

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Small, Medium, Large


Coat Only, Add Hood


Tagua Nut, Wood, Coconut

Tab Style

Arrow, Crown, Fleur De Lis, Horn, Moon, Standard, Wing, Inlaid Arrow, Inlaid Crown, Inlaid Horn, Inlaid Moon


Black Fleece, Blue Fleece, Brown Fleece, Green Fleece, Grey Fleece, Purple Fleece, Red Fleece, White Fleece, Black Wool, Brown Wool, Grey Wool, Maroon Wool, Navy Wool, LW Black Wool, Blue Wool, Yellow Wool, Heather Wool, Mint Wool, Red Wool, Pink Wool, Rust Wool, Tan Wool, White Wool

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For detailed sizing information, pictures of all of our fabric colors, our leather tab and button options, and hood tassels, please see our garments page.