Half Moon Travel Clothing

Wool Cloaks, Capes & Coats

Crafted in Colorado

Our Story

Half Moon Travel Clothing was conjured in 1982 by two partners. One was a traveler and “maker” who created a poncho from a wool blanket for protection from the elements. The other had studied business, and had a vision for a sustainable, quality-driven outerwear collection for Renaissance Faire goers, LARPers, outdoor explorers and fantasy travelers alike. Half Moon gained notoriety on the Renaissance Faire circuit for its quality heavy wool garments and traveled across the country for years attending festivals and art markets.

Today, over 40 years later, the operation is still in the family and our products can be found at the annual New York and Maryland Renaissance Festivals and online, with seasonal collections and the option to custom order from our line of capes, cloaks, coats, and cowl hoods.

Our Mission

We strive to create unique outdoor travel clothing that will last you a lifetime. Half Moon’s guarantee is an expertly crafted piece of outerwear that is practical, beautiful and made to last. We’ll repair it for life or buy it back from you!

Our garments are used for historical reenactment, cosplay, stage performances, renaissance faire garb, live action role playing, dungeons and dragons, weddings and everyday outerwear – just to name a few. 

We use high quality materials like wool, linen and leather that make our garments durable, warm and excellent protection from harsh elements and unpredictable weather. We offer a wide variety of custom design options and tailoring, resulting in one of a kind wearable art pieces.

Archer Coat

Our Practices 

Our mission of beautifully crafted, made-to-last outerwear comes from our belief in sustainability and local artisanship. At Half Moon, we are striving toward zero waste from both a manufacturing and customer perspective. 

Every garment is designed, cut, and sewn in Colorado. We source our materials as close to home and sustainably as possible, and take pride in our ethos of durability and functionality. We believe that when you buy better, you buy less.

Our manufacturing practice gives us more control over the quality of our products, and ensures that every piece is made consciously and ethically. And, of course, we get to test products in real time in our mountain and desert surroundings!

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Every Half Moon Garment Sold Plants a Tree!

We partner with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation efforts. We are located in the mountains of Colorado—we understand the importance of thriving forests as well as the challenges presented by beetle kill and wildfires.
That’s why for every garment we sell, we donate a tree.
We are proud to say that since we started this initiative, we have planted over 3,000 trees.
Join our sustainability journey and use your purchase power for good. One Half Moon cloak=one tree planted!