Half Moon Travel Clothing began over 30 years ago with a poncho fashioned from a blanket by a traveler exploring the country on foot. He eventually met a fellow artist with an eye for precision and fabrics. Together, for the next several decades, they earned notoriety on festival circuits across the United States. People all over the world now recognize Half Moon for the handmade, utilitarian designs made from thick wool that keep travelers in all walks of life warm and dry. See our Reviews page for some customer photos!

Their daughter took over the operation in 2016 and strives to maintain the original vision of excellent workmanship and unique garments while keeping up with a modern world—Half Moon’s longtime wool supplier shuttered its production in 2018 and the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered all festival doors in 2020.

Custom Ordering

Half Moon still wishes to supply our fellow travelers with couture outerwear. We have branched out to fabrics other than wool and designs that battle not only the cold and rain, but the heat and sun. We are a small family operation, and we work closely with every customer to meet their specific needs for specialty outerwear.

Due to current circumstances, we are not accepting orders except by special request.

All of our traditional garments can still be custom made, color/fabric depending on availability. We will do the absolute best we can to meet your specifications! Orders may take 6-8 weeks to receive due to the time it takes to handmake every piece.