Welcome to Half Moon!

Half Moon manufactures unique outerwear—what we like to call travel clothing. Our garments include cloaks, capes, coats, jackets, leggings, pullovers and cowl hoods. Most are wool and leather based, but we also experiment with denim, hemp, linen, and silk. Our custom collections include garments featuring leather detail, Celtic knotwork, pirate and steampunk aesthetics, creatures of lore & more. View shop.

Half Moon garments are worn as renaissance garb, reenactment fashion, and steampunk experiments. They also serve as beautifully functional everyday wear. Backpacking/camping, horseriding and hunting are common uses for many of our pieces. We’re wholly committed to artisanry, high quality clothing and the slow fashion experience. Learn more about Half Moon garments.

Our base of operations is in western Colorado, but you’ll find us across the country, at several of the large East Coast Renaissance faires as well as many smaller festivals. Learn more about us.

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