Garment Information

On this page you will find information about our garments, including how to order, sizing, available fabric and colors, buttons, closures, hood tassels, pockets and custom applique designs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Half Moon garments may be ordered via this website, Facebook, Instagram, or by emailing us: [email protected]
Since all of our garments are handcrafted, there is generally a wait time of 6-8 weeks after custom ordering for delivery. If you need it sooner, we can make arrangements on a case-by-case basis.


Half Moon garments are designed to fit loosely to assure freedom of movement and allow for ample layering beneath. All styles are unisex and may be worn by every gender and body type.

Most of our coats and jackets come in three standard sizes—specifics are listed on garment pages. Capes, cloaks and cowl hoods come in several sizes each, but this is a matter of length and both sizes fit most due to their draping nature. Finished lengths are measured from the nape of the neck to the hem.

If you believe that you need custom sizing, or want to be sure of the right fit, please send us the following measurements:

  • Your height
  • A to A: Wrist to wrist across your back
  • B to B: Shoulder to shoulder across your back
  • B to A: Shoulder to wrist
  • C to D: Nape of neck to waist, down the back
  • C: Neck size
  • D: Waist
  • E: Bust/Chest
  • F: Hips
  • G: Upper Arm
  • H: Forearm
  • I: Thigh Girth
  • J: Inseam
  • K: Belt to Floor

Be sure to measure the largest part of your hips, chest and waist so we can assure you the perfect fit.

Fabric & Colors

Most of our garments are constructed of thick, durable 80/20 wool/nylon blends, as well as 100% wool fabrics. All are sewn with a heavy nylon upholstery thread—made to last!

Available wool colors include the following:

Heavyweight 80/20 wool blend (pictured): black, charcoal, grey, navy, maroon, tan, brown, and olive green

Lightweight 100% wool: black, grey, green, red, blue, brown, purple, white, natural

Other available materials: linen, velvet in a variety of colors

Please list your preferred fabric/color choices when requesting to order, we will let you know about availability and do our best to meet your specifications.

heavyweight wool colors


Our tagua nut “vegetable ivory” buttons come standard with every garment, and are available in many colors. Coconut and wood buttons are also available for no extra charge.

Bone, antler, metal and other specialty buttons are available for extra charge (typically $5 apiece, except for antler rosettes, which are $25, and antler tips, which are $10). We also carry gem-inlaid antler buttons for $30-$75 apiece (please inquire for more info and photos of these).

We source beautiful metal cloak clasps from other US small businesses for use on our festival shop garments. These may also be custom ordered—just ask!

If you have buttons or clasps you’d like to use on a custom Half Moon garment or see some in another shop that you would like us to order and use, great! We’re happy to do so.


Leather tabs with a loop closure are most of our garments’ closures (pictured top right). Several garments come standard with button holes (pictured bottom right). As leather colors tend to vary widely, we try to match your garment colors as closely as we can unless a particular color is specified.

Inlaid tabs come standard on our yoked capes and on all cloaks; on other garments they are an extra $10 per set. For inlaid styles, please specify both the tab and border colors, otherwise we will choose for you.

Inlaid Tabs: (2 colored tabs, left): Crown, Horn, Moon, Arrow.

Regular Tabs: (left to right, top to bottom) Moon, Fleur de Lis, Arrow, Wing, Horn, Standard

We can add extra sets of closures (leather tab and buttons) on any garment for $15 apiece (plus the cost of any specialized buttons).

We can also create custom-shaped tabs for $15/set. In the past we’ve done oak leaves, dragon wings, wolf heads, stars, and many more!

Hood Tassels

We offer decorations for our hoods in several different styles.

Leather hood tassels are strips of leather cut into a fringe, and are $15. Beaded hood tassels are a string of beads with a specialty bead or pendant at the end, and start at $30. Both types can either be sold separately or combined (starting at $45).

We can either sew them into the hood or safety pin them in so you can remove them if you like.

Unless otherwise specified, we will match the colors to the garment ordered. We have plenty of options for beads and colors and are happy to work with you to get the perfect combination!


We know how much you like pockets (we do, too!)

We can add extra pockets to any garment, anywhere you like, for $10/apiece.

Options include rectangle, patch, pouch, and inset.

Applique Designs

Half Moon is known for its custom handmade cloaks, capes and coats with applique designs ranging from flowers to celtic knots to dragons. Check out our gallery for examples and inspiration. We are always happy to repeat designs or consider new requests.