About Us

Travel Clothing by Half Moon began in 1984 with the meeting of two artisanal minds. One had fashioned a poncho from a wool blanket while hitchhiking the American landscape. The other sought an alternative to “fast” fashion and the typical retail experience.

Living out of tipi and then a repurposed school bus, the couple began designing and crafting other types of garments, and were soon swept up by the Renaissance Faire circuit. Half Moon would eventually show up at fairs and festivals all over the country, their signature cloaks, coats, capes, and cowl hoods steadily gaining in notoriety.

Today, their daughter runs the operation. She has brought Half Moon online and to the Colorado Indian Market, the Western Design Conference, Denver Fashion Week and the Longest Night Masquerade Ball in addition to several Renaissance fairs. However, due to the Great Plague of 2020, Half Moon is not able to participate in any events and so for the time being, is online only.

half moon shop
The 1908 building that has served as the base of Half Moon operations for the last 28 years.


Half Moon doesn’t believe in “fast” fashion–we believe in the value of well-designed, well-crafted, beautiful clothing that lasts. We pride ourselves on building and fostering trade relationships between small business owners. 

All of our garments are handmade at our shop in Colorado. We are proud to be a part of the “Made in America” fashion movement, and excited to be pursuing more sustainable practices in our production, including the use of alternative fabrics. We also offer a lifetime repair guarantee. Read more about our garments.

We’ve used wool since our beginnings because it’s water resistant, warm, and quiet in the woods. It’s also recyclable, biodegradable, and requires significantly less energy to produce than many man-made fibers. Since many wool mills are closing or shifting operations overseas, we have also started incorporating velvet, fleece, linen, and silk into our pieces.

Most of our buttons are sourced from Ecuador via the Tagua Initiative from Conservation International. Tagua nut, or “vegetable ivory,” is a sustainable resource – by buying it we (and you) are supporting small communities in Ecuador and helping to conserve the Amazon rainforest. We also use antler, pewter, and wood buttons that we get from other small artisanal shops.


See our FAQs below for answers to common questions our customers have. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us.


All garments are designed and manufactured in Delta, Colorado.

The wait time is the least from January through June–after that we are preparing for Renaissance Faire season and autumn/winter orders.

We do often work with fabrics such as velvet, linen, and fleece. Reach out to us if you have something in mind!

Tagua nuts are a product of the Tagua tree located in parts of the Amazonian Rain Forest. We like the rustic character of the buttons, as well as using a sustainable product to help preserve the rain forests.


Garment designs are strictly from our heads! No time periods considered…but we seem to do pretty well at the Renaissance Faires and in the LARP, SCA, and Steampunk communities.

Many of our applique designs are more time-specific, though, featuring Celtic knotwork, mythological creatures and other symbols.

We are always happy to consider custom designs. All new designs are contingent upon a review and approval by Half Moon.

All of our capes, cloaks and cowls are unisex. Our Talon and Kyrie Coats have more of a feminine shape, while the Trackers and Rangers are more masculine, but all designs are worn by both men and women.


Nylon adds an extreme measure of durability to the fabric. We do have 100% wools available as well, although these are irregular in availability.

Yes! Wool is water repellent because of its natural lanolin. You can wear our garments in weather that calls for a rain coat or umbrella. Wool is excellent for harsh weather conditions like snow and sleet–it retains its warmth even when soaked.

Eventually all wool pills to some degree, however, we have found that the 85/15 fabric is extremely durable. Customers from 20 years ago come back with their garments and they still are in excellent condition.

We recommend dry cleaning for serious stains and soilage, and for all customs and pieces that are 100% wool.

However, for small stains, you can hand/spot wash with a little bit of detergent, and lay it flat to dry.

We suggest airing it out on a nice, breezy fall afternoon, and once again in the spring. No further cleaning is required other than any necessary spot washing or in case of serious soilage.

Not on the standard 85/15 fabric and we have yet to see any of the brighter colors have this problem.


No refunds on CUSTOM garments made to specifications. If it is an error on our end, we will do our best to fix it, on a case-by-case basis.

There will be a $10 restocking charge for any items returned within 30 days. We do not cover return shipping, unless the reason for return is our fault.

NO returns after 30 days. Problems with orders MUST be addressed within 10 business days.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship. Should your garment find itself in need of repair we are happy to help you out!

We will repair – free of charge – any defect in workmanship for the life of the garment. This includes normal wear/tear only (we reserve the right to determine normal wear/tear) and does not include replacement of buttons or other pieces

You, the valued customer, may ship the garment to our shop address in Delta, CO and include a check to cover return shipping/handling charges. We can also invoice you via PayPal if you prefer that method.

Call the shop if you have any questions – we are always happy to address your concerns!

Simply call the shop and order the new buttons, or send your garment to the shop with a check/PayPal info to cover the buttons and return shipping, and we will do it for you. Always remember to include a note in the box with your instructions and the return shipping address.

We need to see it (or see detailed pictures) to make that determination. We will do our very best to fix it, which may involve charges.