Travelers Cloak


The Travelers cloak is designed with two separate pieces that may be worn individually or together for maximum warmth and versatility. The base cloak is offered in 3/4 or full length and has arm slits. It has no hood, but features a stylish yoke that comes to a point in the back. The overlay cloak has a hood and buttons/tabs that match the main cloak. It comes in our standard (see preview) or fitted styles (see image gallery). It can be solid or two colors, and can match the base cloak or compliment it. The overlay is also available separately.

Finished Lengths: Base Full Cloak–52″ / Base 3/4 Cloak–43″ / Overlay–32″

  • We'll happily work with you to make your garment unique! Please specify if you'd like a different color combination than those offered, have special button/leather requests, or want to add a custom design (this may result in a different price than reflected here).

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