Cowl Hood


It’s a fact that when the head and shoulders are protected, the body will stay significantly warmer. A great way to keep the elements away is to wear a cowl hood! We find they’re great for layering over Renaissance garb or SCA and LARP garments for that added warmth or rain cape protection.

Our standard cowl hood comes with a full hood and two-button closure. It’s available in solid or two-tone colors, and four sizes. For pullover cowl hood styles, see the Popover and Hoodini.

Lengths (first number is front from neck to hem, second is back from neck to back hem)
Kids 8.5″ / 15″
Regular 16.5″ / 18″
Large 19″ / 21″
Oversize 22″ / 26.5″

  • We'll happily work with you to make your garment unique! Please specify if you'd like a different color combination than those offered, have special button/leather requests, or want to add a custom design (this may result in a different price than reflected here).

    • 12 $
    • 10 $
    • 25 $
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